On Priorities

I had a really good friend remind me this week that people make time for things they find important. I think we call those priorities these days. You see. I’ve been stressed out over some dude (whom I like a whole lot) because he’s busy and I wasn’t feeling I was a priority. That sounds … Continue reading On Priorities


Kindness Matters

Kindness matters. I see this quote every day. It’s on my coworker’s wall. It’s the essence of who she is and it makes complete sense as to why it’s hanging on her wall and not mine. I’m going to tell you a story about her that still makes me cry. I’m probably crying right now. … Continue reading Kindness Matters


Sometimes, when I am having trouble deciphering what I’m feeling, I use colors to help me define them. It helps me focus. As Annie says, “for such a smart person you are really dumb about your own feelings.” This is a way I’m less dumb about my feelings I guess. The scale is pretty standard: … Continue reading Colors